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Rock Star Baby

rock star baby

Every baby is a star

Tico Torres – of the iconic rock band Bon Jovi – created ROCK STAR BABY. As a respected artist in both the music and art world his interests are as diverse as the multi generations following the band’s long time and continued success. Bon Jovi have been performing together for over thirty years and more than one hundred & thirty million in album sales confirm that their reputation is legendary.

Staying current with a mindful eye on the original passion is the key to any ventures longevity. A fresh approach fuelled with a rich curiosity make things happen.

It is this boundless energy that sparked the ROCK STAR BABY concept. It began with gift sets for newborns that weren’t in the typical pink & blues but rather in black, white & greys; unmistakably rock star style. The quality and comfort for the baby still being the most important values.

It is this dedication that is recognised in the selection of each product always bearing in mind that:

Every baby is a star!

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